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Graphic Design
Your company is everything, and so should your brand be. Your brand is everything from your logo, business cards, signage, vehicles, brochures, and so much more. We are able to help your company with a one off brochure or a new company or whole brand.

• Logo and brand development or re-fresh
• Brochures, business cards, signage, vehicles, annual reports, etc
Your website is open to potential customers 24/7. It is important to have a website that is visually appealling, mobile friendly and SEO friendly. We can help you with your current site, or create a whole new one, depending on your goals.

We can plan, design, optimize, copy write, host and everything in between. All our websites are set up with a user-friendly contact management system that you are able to change/update content, post new products or blog posts in a matter of seconds.

We also hook your website up to Google Analytics to see a ton of numbers on how your website is performing.
Email Marketing
Email marketing is a way to hit past customers or prospects who have signed up online or in person. You are able to send them information on things that would interest them. We are here to help create, design and track the email campaigns.
Social Media
Social media is very popular among all age demographics, however running a business social media account is different then your personal account. We are able to take over your social media and post regular content or create a social media strategy for your company and train a staff member on how to use it.
Digital Marketing
Customers can visit your site from a bunch of places, by typing in your website url, google search, paid ads, social media and other websites.

One way to get new customers is from online ads. Google Adwords are text ads are displayed in google searches that are relevant to the potential customer. These campaigns are set up with keyword and location targeting. Overtime you will see how they are doing, and be able to tweak them for maximum conversion. Google and their display network also offer “display ads” which are picture ads that can show up on the display network.
Social Media Advertising on facebook, instagram, twitter and youtube hit a specific or broad demographic that you are trying to reach. Retargeting ads can be set up, meaning if your potential customer came to your site and then left. They will start to see your ads on their social media, or other sites that have display ads.

With online ads you also want to send the customer to a specific page – relevant to the ad. This helps your customer find what they are looking for without getting frustrated by getting sent to the home page and leave. It is designed with a specific call to action for that ad such as sign up, purchase, or book an appointment.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how your website is ranked in the search engines. You want your website to come up organically when searching on google for a general terms such as ‘plumber in edmonton’. This is done by optimizing your website to be SEO friendly. We can set up an SEO audit on your website to see what needs to be tweaked for optimal visits.

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